"Asset Mining"TM

We begin our "Asset Mining"TM by reviewing what in your opinion makes your business a success. While the bottom line is obviously important, many business owners and managers want to achieve more with their business than just greater profit. We want to insure that our work contributes to the mission and goals of your business.

The hills of tailings beside old gold mines stand as a testimony to the success of the miners in finding gold. At times they also stand as witness to the fact that the miners had much more of value than they realized. In some cases the value of other minerals in the tailings approached or exceeded that of the gold removed from the mine. The miners, intent on finding gold, failed to recognize the worth of these other assets.

Our experience has shown us that most businesses have "hidden assets" which the businesses do not benefit from because they fail to recognize them as assets. These assets may take the form of (among other things):

  • employees
  • existing customers
  • brand recognition
  • reputation
  • untapped markets
  • undeveloped technology
  • operational inefficiencies
  • cash flow management

Using our our "Asset Mining"TM systems we will work with you to do a point by point search of your business to uncover the "hidden assets" which can make your business more successful.

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