Product Development
Product development does not begin and end in the lab or workshop. We can help you with any or all of the steps of product development:
  • Requirements Definition - What problem does your product solve? We can help focus your effort for maximum results.

  • Legal Protection - Do you need a patent? What type of patent do you need? What do you need other than a patent? We can answer these questions.

  • Prototype Production - How do you make it work? We have a track record of helping get past creative challenges to make products work.

  • Test Marketing - Will people buy your new product? We can work with your prototype to answer this question before you spend money to go into production.

  • Product Production - Do you manufacture the product yourself, or outsource? We can help you make the decision and, if necessary, locate apropriate production facilities.

  • Mass Marketing - How will you sell your product? We can help you choose from dozens of different ways to take your product to market.

  • Product Refinement - Can you improve your product? We can help with a product review and requirements definition.

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