Geo. McCalip's
Curriculum Vitae

Geo. Founder of California Legal Rights Fund.

Founder and principal of Concept SYSTEMS(tm).

Author of

Co-founder of

Managed testing of printer drivers for Sharp, Xerox and Minolta.

Developed desktop animation studio for Prime Option. Also produced a multimedia catalog (in 1992) and used it to develop a market for high end peripherals for the Amiga computer.

Assisted in product development and initial marketing of "Snafooz" by Idea Group.

Headed development of next generation fingerprint verification and indexing systems at Comparator Systems.

Managed testing on products for Intel, Borland, AST, Hewlett-Packard and IBM at XXCAL.

Formed ad-hoc committee which staged a successful campaign to get Cal State Dominguez Hill selected as the site for the 1984 Olympic Velodrome.

Provided technical and sales support as Assistant Manager at The Computer Printer Store.

Completed programming and implementation of major management and cost tracking systems for TRW.

Developed and implemented PC side of ERAS (Engineering Resource Allocation System) at Western Digital.

Designed an inventory and distribution system for Proficient Foods (Denny's), and assisted in analysis leading to leveraged buy out of Denny's.

Programmed the daily cash flow system for the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Managed the initial feasibility study of the Super Shuttle.

Wrote over 80% of the programs for the four wall distribution system for Sunn Classic Pictures.

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