HTML Tutorial

Lesson 1
Minimum Requirements

HTML uses tags to mark a document. Tags begin with a < and end with a >. A command between the < and the > will tell the browser what to do.

Tags usually come in pairs, an opening tag and a closing tag. The closing tag will begin with </.

Every HTML document has to begin with <html> and end with </html>.

Every HTML document also has to have a <body> tag and a </body> tag.

Here is a sample of a very short HTML document:


  • Cut and paste the above sample into your text editor.
  • Save it as a text file (i.e., an ASCII file) with an extension of ".html".
  • View it with your browser.
If you browser screen says, "Hello", you have just successfully created your first HTML document. Congratulations! Didn't I tell you this would be easy?


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