Professional Tips On
Building a Web Site
Your web site is your salesperson, representing you on the web. A properly constructed site, like a good salesperson, can bring in business. A good web site for business has:
  • A well designed home page.
  • Appropriate use of graphics.
  • A structure.
  • Content.
  • A sales letter.
  • An order form.
  • A Well Designed Home Page

    Your home page should serve as a table of contents to your site; use bullets and draw your customer in by offering the opportunity to point and click (do not overdo it). Remeber to state at least one benefit to the user on your home page.

    Appropriate Use of Graphics

    While graphics can add to a web site, do not overdo the graphics on your home page. Remember that graphics take much longer to download than text.
    As a rule of thumb, if it takes the user more than twice as long to download your home page than it takes them to type in your competitor's URL, change your home page.

    A Structure

    Let your customer explore your site by offering choices. Use links to move to other parts of a page, or other pages in your site. Do not provide too many links out, except possibly as list of resources which can add value to your site.


    Give your customer at least 2 parts useful information to each one part of sale. This adds value and helps bring in more users by word of mouth. You can also use content to help promote your site.

    A Sales Letter

    This lets you customer know what you can offer them. Use one or two pages to tell them the ways you can help solve their problems and make their life better.

    An Order Form

    You have given your customer value with the content on your site. You have shown them how you can help them with your sales letter. Do not do your customer a disservice by not asking them for fair value in exchange for your product or service. Remember, your web site is your salesperson on the internet. Any decent salesperson asks for the order, and computers are used to rejection.

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