Geo. McCalip has set up
  shopping carts on many
  sites over the last 15 years.
  Some current samples
  • A Key for Health
  • Wrigley Bulletin & News

  • Contracts, etc.
    in development
  • If you want to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon and actually sell products from a web site, you will need an electronic storefront. This includes:
  • Pages describing your product(s).
  • A "shopping cart" for your customers.
  • The ability to accept credit cards.
  • A secure server for handling the credit card sales.
  • You might also want to do "softgoods delivery" (i.e., letting your customer download a file immediately after paying for it).
  • Geo. McCalip has experience with all of the above, and can work with you to set up an electronic storefront within your budget starting from just an idea, or by transforming your existing site.

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